Les Conférences

Let’s enjoy Japanese Tea together with Atsuko WATANABE and Midori SUZUKI- Japanese Tea Instructor and this year’s Tea Ambassador to India

Mardi 16 mars 2021 de 11h00 à 13h00 sur inscription

The production of Japanese tea is getting smaller year by year. The younger generations in Japan tend to view tea as old-fashioned and every year fewer people are willing to work in agriculture and in rural areas.
On the other hand, Japanese tea is becoming very popular abroad, and some other countries have started producing their own versions of Japanese tea. We believe this is proof that Japanese tea is much appreciated and loved.
With the mission to connect and reach out to all tea lovers in India, Midori Suzuki would like to introduce you how to make and serve tea in Japanese ways.

There are several different kinds of tea, however, this time we would like to show you three (3) kinds : Sencha (Most typical Japanese green tea), Genmaicha (Green tea with a delicious roasted-rice aroma), Hojicha (a relaxing tea-caffein content is relatively low). Also, she will tell you “substantial benefit

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